Appna Merit Research Mentorship Program

APPNA Pakistan Research Collaboration 

What is APPNA research initiative? It is a crowd-sourced social network to promote good quality high impact research in Pakistan. 

We all know that they're very enthusiastic highly hardworking extremely motivated students, researcher and faculty in Pakistan. They have their heart in the right place. All they need is a little bit of guidance. They come up with good ideas. They're willing to do the work needed within the limitation of their resources or even work hard to find resources that are necessary. All they need is a gentle tug in the right direction, a little hand-holding. 

APPNA research initiative aims to achieve over the next year, a simple painless process of matching a great idea with a great mentor in US or internationally. 

The process works like this: 

  • Let's say you are a researcher in Pakistan. 
  • You could be a junior faculty graduate student or a medical student or a resident. 
  • You come up with a great idea or you would just have an immense passion to do something of research. 
  • You write a simple brief proposal and submit it to the website. 
  • An international or a national faculty in Pakistan with expertise in that particular area gets notified for a research proposal relating to his fields of interest. 
  • Let's say you're a neurologist. You go in and browse all the listed proposals or just review the proposal that relates to you. If you like it, you select it and you accept to be a mentor. 
  • A secure relationship between mentor and mentee is developed.
  • The project drops out of the list so that there is no cluttering. 
  • It involves all aspects of research including proposal development, feedback on data gathering and analysis, shared manuscript writing and publications. 


How to Join?

You can join APPNA Merit Research by registering in website.After  successfully registered, you can  request access for Research Collaborative Initiative by following the steps below:
  1. Complete your profile
  2. Request for Research Access by navigating the Research Request link from your profile page.
  3. You can request access as advisor (to be mentor) or researcher (to be mentee) or Both.
  4. Only qualified persons (worldwide) are allowed access as advisor. You may be contacted to get more information about yourself as advisor.
  5. Once your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email.