Appna Merit Visiting Faculty

Matching Program

 Let say that you are a practicing physician in U.S. with academic affiliation or interest.

You are sub-specialized in what you do. 

Let say you're a Stroke Neurologist and you're planning to visit Pakistan on certain dates in a certain month. You will have a very busy schedule over there. You'll be visiting your family in Faisalabad, seeing your friends in Sialkot and you might be in Lahore for a couple of days. 

What you would like you to do is to be able to give lectures to residents or medical students but where would you go. 

How would you find out who to call. 

How would you know who to contact at a given institution. 

We have a solution for you. 

 APPNA Organization have grown tremendously over the last 20 years. We have a lot of really good experts traveling to Pakistan and would love to have opportunity to teach while there but they are extremely busy and have a very hectic schedule and they don't know where to start. Organizing a visiting lecture could become so complicated in Pakistan that it's a complete turn off. 

APPNA merit was started in 2007 with an idea to transfer the knowledge and skills in medical practice to Pakistan. It has done a wonderful job teaching multiple institutions online, developing close relationship with many including medical schools and teaching hospitals. And this is the right time to take all those resources and make them available to you in an automated fashion. Taking all the scheduling out of the equation. 

Here is how it works:

A U.S. based Pakistani physician enters the dates and times he's available in a particular city before his visit. The matching website automatically informs all the partners institutions in that city that the physician will be available. The right person then reach out to the physician to arrange a lecture in a painless fashion. 

As this process grows we hope to achieve hundreds of visiting faculty lectures, workshops and training all across Pakistan over the next year.

How to Join?

Request for Education access through contact us form.