The world has changed and so should medical education.

The largest company that rents out room does not own a hotel. It's called Airbnb. The largest company that offer taxi service does not own a taxi. It's called Uber. The largest news agency does not have a news network or reporter. It's called Twitter. We get all our entertainment on YouTube. We get all our communication to friends through Facebook, even email is outdated. So why does the learning has to be confined to the same rules and physical spaces as it always had.

Welcome to the era of cloud.

The National Academy of Medical Education by APPNA is a cloud based virtual academy where the highest quality medical education will be offered in a self paced manner to all medical students, residents and physicians in Pakistan without any boundaries.

You can be from any medical school or any teaching hospital Or you can be a private practitioner. You can study in the morning hours or in the afternoon or late night maybe you're thing .you can study for hours at a time or you may only have a 30 minute break. You could study neurology or today might be the day for hematology.

What if you could get the best lesson possibly in any subject by the top experts in that field.

Imagine that you're not confined by your resources anymore. It doesn't matter if you don't have a good neurologist in your training program or in your medical school. What if the world's best neurologists are teaching you all about neurology. What if you don't have to buy books anymore. What if you don't have to search and hunt for the right material.

What if you get recognized and rewarded for the actual hours that you put in doing something and not whether you pass the test or not.

Our focus is Goal Based Learning.

And if you thought that all of this was great and amazing. What if I tell you that instead of reading, what if you can see and interact with the pictures and the 3D models. What if you could watch the patients in that moment.

Welcome to the National Academy of Medical Education by APPNA, a virtual online medical academy.


Constantly updating constantly growing, where everyone is welcome.