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APPNA MERIT have launched a daily MERIT webinar on Acute care of hospitalized patients with CoVID-19 infections. Goal of this collaborative is to share experiences and lessons learned. This is in the form of a daily Online Meeting with short verbal reports or presentations from experts in US dealing with now the largest number of patients in any country; followed by Q&A between all the participants with an all-inclusive discussion. We are keep this very cordial and highly academic and will be moderated and primarily focus on acute care of Inpatient management of hospitalized patients. The meeting run every night from 11PM to midnight Eastern Standard time (8AM to 9AM Pakistan standard time).

Why we started MERIT COVID-19 Webinar?

Managing patients infected with novel coronavirus CoVID-19 is very difficult task and we are all going through a learning process of how best to deal with complications in our limited resources. There is enough information floating around but at times conflicting and many a times unreliable. For this reason, we have launched a daily MERIT webinar on Acute care of hospitalized patients with CoVID-19 infections.

This platform is about sharing experience with each other as we take care of our patients with CoVID infections. We in US have a far higher patient load currently and have more experience with treating these patients. But some of you are also treating these patients in Pakistan and we would like to learn from your experience. You are invited to be a speaker and panelist in upcoming webinars. Kindly submit brief Bio and current experience with CoVID patients for us to add you to the webinar schedule.

Register yourself if already not using below link:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

If you missed the previous recordings, please check all webinar videos here:
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All information related to merit covid-19 webinars is now available on our website:

Note:The webinars runs daily at 11 PM EST and 8 AM Pakistan time.

You are also invited to join us as speaker or panelists and send us email with interest or recommend other experts you would like to be invited.

We are also starting Vent Management course which will be in same hours as our regular webinar on weekend instead of day time one long session. It will be divided in to two session Friday and Saturday with Sunday Q&A.