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APPNA MERIT is launching a collaborative Blended Learning program targeted towards General Practitioners in Pakistan to provide an overview of Specialty topics in a structured fashion with active learning. The program will build upon ongoing foundational programs for. GPs in Pakistan by giving higher level education on specialty medicine. The program will try to imitate specialty rotations during Family Medicine residency where a trainee is exposed to teaching and practice in various fields to enhance their primary care practice. 
These programs will be designed as 6-8 weeks blocks in various specialties such as cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, emergency medicine etc. Each week we will have one hour live session followed by assignments for the week. Each live session will have problem based learning (case based learning) as well as panel interaction and Q&A. 
The program has been designed in close collaboration with National Family Medicine Committee of Pakistan, Australian Association of Pakistani Professionals (AAPP), Association of Pakistani Physicians of Northern Europe (APPNE) and Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of UK (APPS UK) as well as Heads of Family Medicine departments in Pakistan and MERIT committee members. 
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An introductory Webinar:
We are also doing a webinar to introduce APPNA MERIT Family Medicine Specialty Rotations on Sunday, 6th September, 2020 at 9AM Eastern Standard time and 6PM Pakistan time. Please join us and ask any questions there.
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