APPNA MERIT (Medical Education, Research, International Training and transfer of Technology) Committee is a permanent committee of APPNA since 2007 tasked with enhancing medical education and skill development in Pakistan through collaborations with Pakistani institutions, organizations and physicians taking advantage of wide human resources of APPNA membership. APPNA MERIT has partnered with over 50 different institutions and organizations in Pakistan and is doing more than 20 different projects with a tremendous growth in the last three years. The committee has grown to form multiple sub specialty focused individual groups led by group leaders such as Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Pulmonary critical care, and more recently Nursing and Nursing education. One of the big area of focus for APPNA MERIT this year is Capacity Building of Primary Care in Pakistan including development of family medicine and enhancing the skills and providing educational support to the large general practitioner physician force in Pakistan as well as developing Public health and community nursing.

APPNA MERIT – Ten-Year Journey

In 2006 an ad-hoc education initiative was undertaken to complement and enhance Health care in Pakistan. The Medical Education and Research Investment Task force (MERIT) came into being. Dr. Naheed Usmani and Dr. Shahid Rafiq are the founding Chair and founding member respectively with support from Dr. Nadeem Kazi. Dr. Shahid Rafiq (MERIT chair 2017) is the first chair of Neurology Net. This task force became a full standing committee of APPNA as MERIT (Medical Education and Research, International Training and Transfer of Technology) in 2007.

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