APPNA MERIT for the first time in APPNA's history has arranged an international conference in collaboration with Pakistan Higher Education Commission ( HEC) and Federal Health directorate. This conference will focus on the critical need of the time in Pakistan, Family Medicine and Disease Prevention. The roll out of Government Health Insurance Cards makes availability of trained primary care physicians especially urgent, if such universal health initiatives are to succeed.

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1. To bring family and medicine and preventive medicine, which have hitherto been neglected, to the fore of national health agenda; create political ownership for these concepts; (Curative vs Preventive side of Family practice, including environmental side of prevention. Communicable diseases.) - separate session of public health and environmental health. 2. To bring in focus the linkages between family medicine and different tiers of the health sector; (Entire health system with primary to secondary to tertiary with FP being the foundation.) - ?session on health system tiers. 3. To strengthen the nursing cadre, so as to develop it as the first point of contact, in the health hierarchy, for the citizens; (history of low support for nursing) - may be merge some workshop and create a workshop on nursing ? Focal person. Pakistan Nursing Council (president PNC for plenary talk; for workshops invite some people) and Pakistan Medical Council (add those names) 4. Explore avenues of support that APPNA can extend for promoting Education and Research in the field of family medicine 5. Identify Pathways for Post-graduate and Continuing Medical Education for development of Family Medicine 6. Apply practice-based principles for adult learners for Medical Education of practicing General Physicians and trainees in Family Medicine 7. Discuss role of Online learning, Blended learning, Learning Management Systems, Modular training, Skills workshops and visiting faculty in post-graduate medical education in regard to Family Practice in Pakistan 8. Explore collaborative pathways for common goals with International Pakistani Physicians community especially APPNA for the first 3 objectives.